Monday, May 24, 2010

We're taking the day back.

Today, we took engagement photos at an old barn on Arkansas Highwat 5 in Benton, Ark. My mother-in-law told me about this place and after seeing it I fell in love with it's beauty and I knew we had to shoot there. 

I will give you, the reader, some back story. We have already wed; Andrew and I eloped Nov. 28, 2009 in Eureka Springs, Ark. (with Jax as our witness). But, even though we eloped, we still wanted a big wedding, so we have planned to have one in Little Rock at a hotel on the river so that all of our friends and family could be there.

The wedding date is Sept. 11. Yes, I said Sept. 11. The only other day in September that our venue was available for happened to be on my Dad's 50th birthday and I didn't want to invade on his big day or vise versa. 

When our event coordinator told us about the Sept. 11th weekend, I said, "Why not?" and we chose that day and have decided we're taking that day back and making a good memory out of it. How about that Lifetime?

My grandmother was a little weary of the date of the wedding, so I told her because I was in the Army and I lost many friends to the war in Iraq afterward that it would be a sort of celebration of their lives too. She liked the idea of that and now all is well in marriage world.

Any who, back to the engagement pics-- I love pin ups, so I went for a 40's style shoot. I left my red feather hair piece at home, three hours away and I didn't have time to put my hair in barrel rolls, so I did my best with what I had to work with.