Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Know your insects

Trying to be the adventurous mom that I am, I decided to take Jax for a walk in the woods. We get there and he wanted to build a bridge over the tiny creek. Unbeknown to us, we really ticked off the wasps in the wasp nest by a stump. Jax really wanted to build the bridge, so I let him start to gather a large pile of sticks as I stood behind and looked on. All of a sudden this "bee" or so I thought, flew right into my head and stung me on the ear. OUCH!

My first thought was "That son of a bitch bee, I hope he dies now!" I then immediately grabbed Jax away from the stump, and I'm glad I did because that damned bee stung me again. The worst part was that it was going for Jax and I just happened to be grabbing him when it stung me on the finger -- my middle finger to be exact, as if the bee was to say "F*@k you!". I pulled him away from the stump and the pain in my ear was so intense that I was saying every profane thing that popped into my head. My child heard a whole new slew of words, unfortunately.

My ear swelled twice its normal size; even my neck was red and swollen. Oh, and don't let me forget my lips, only the left side was numb, like I had been to the dentist and got a numbing agent. If i failed to mention before, I have never been stung, so this was a whole new pain sensation and to be stung on the ear, just plain painful. My cesarean with Jax was less painful than this.

I went to the doctor about the swelling and he gave me antihistamines, which hadn't helped, so I had the nurse, Daphne, give me a shot of decadron to ease the swelling, but so far nothing has helped. Today three fingers and my knuckles are swollen and it itches beyond belief. At this point you can't even see where the back of my ear meets my head due to the swelling. All in all, I guess I have an allergy to wasps and their stings. Too bad they don't lose their stingers and die like bees.

Die wasps, DIE!